Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MN-OZA DREAM Fund a single-asset fund or multi-asset fund?

A: Multi-asset fund. At full capital size, we anticipate the Fund holding perhaps 8 to 15 projects.

Can I decide what project to invest in?

A: No, the Fund Manager makes the decisions about what projects to invest in and major operating decisions during the holding period. Investors are so-called “limited partners” and are not liable for the risks of making these decisions and generally are not experienced in real estate investing and management. Investors need not have any experience in real estate investments to participate in the Fund.

Can I sell my interest at any time?

A: No. The fund is an illiquid, non-registered and non-traded investment vehicle. Please consult your legal, tax and financial advisors to discuss if an investment in the MN-OZA DREAM Fund is appropriate for your financial plan and long-term investment strategy.

Why are investments in Minnesota attractive as compared to looking across the entire United States?

A: We believe Minnesota is an attractive and relatively lower risk market to invest in as compared to many coastal states, for example. Minnesota enjoys a diversified economy, highly educated workforce, a high quality of life and a growing economy. We believe these conditions will support attractive real estate investments by the Fund.


We also feel that the social impact objectives of the Fund are aligned with the social and political environment in Minnesota and many of its communities. Our approach to authentic community engagement is unique as compared to many other fund managers and we anticipate this will provide our fund investors benefits over time. These benefits may include financial assistance at the project level and favorable project permitting and processing.