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We welcome broad participation in the transformation of local communities and the wealth-building potential from these efforts and intend to offer investment opportunities to both Accredited Investors, through the MN-OZA DREAM Fund, and to non-accredited investors through specific local development projects utilizing a licensed MNvest Portal.

Accredited investors may participate in the MN-OZA DREAM Fund, a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) Fund to invest in designated Opportunity Zones. This fund offer the greatest range of investment opportunities and the broadest diversification benefits. Investors at this level can drive maximum social impact across the State of Minnesota.

We partner with projects and a wide range of community organizations that are focused on a specific sub-geography among the 128 approved Opportunity Zones across Minnesota.

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Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors (MN-OZA) is seeking interested investors to discuss working together to impact Minnesota.  Please complete the form at left if you’d like to connect with MN-OZA and/or stay in touch as the primary MN-OZA Opportunity Impact Fund takes shape.  Thank you!

Timeline for Opportunity Zone Investment
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It’s important to MN-OZA that people currently in the OZ communities have ways to directly benefit from the potential value creation resulting from projects.