Meet the Team


The MN-OZA Advisory Board members support and advise the management team. Distinguished Advisory Board members include:


Rick Beeson — Current Executive Vice President Sunrise Banks, Board of Regents University of Minnesota. Past President Park Midway Bank of Saint Paul (acquired by Sunrise) and a host of prominent community institutions. University of Minnesota B.A., St. Thomas M.B.A.

Ferd Peters lighter

Ferdinand F. Peters — Currently practicing attorney and owner of Ferdinand Peters Esquire Law Firm. Prior attorney with Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, RTC and FDIC. Served in the United States Army and Reserves, retired at the rank of Colonel. St. John’s University B.A., William Mitchel J.D., University of Southern California M.A.

Community Impact Advisory Boards

MN-OZA’s Opportunity Impact Fund is intended to be mission-focused, long-term (“patient”) and aligned with goals within the communities where MN-OZA’s monies are deployed.  Ideally, every project MN-OZA invests in will be community-led and each project will feature its own Community Impact Advisory Board, comprised of local thought-leaders and neighborhood stakeholders, led by MN-OZA management team members.

MN-OZA is seeking to channel the talents and relationships of its personnel into good works and with an economic aspiration and not just philanthropy, so we will collaborate with community members to achieve positive outcomes. Our business philosophy revolves around deliberate “triple bottom line” objectives across economic, social and environmental realms.

MN-OZA Management Team

The MN-OZA organization is led by a distinguished range of wise and insightful leaders, including:

Jamie Stolpestad

Jamie Stolpestad, Investor Relations – Jamie is a founder and managing partner of Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors.  A real estate focused entrepreneur, advisor (NoVo Foundation, PVN Design Works, Knight Foundation Community Advisory Committee) and educator (NYU Stern School of Business).  Past CEO Allianz Real Estate (first employee, grew to 16 FTE’s, $8.6B national debt & equity portfolio), other investment firms+$13B investment track record. Northwestern B.A., Kellogg School M.B.A.

Contact Info

Craig Estrem

Craig Estrem, Operations Manager — Craig is a founder and managing partner of Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors and a real estate investment firm executive. Past Managing Director of EverWest Real Estate Partners, Blackrock, Madison Marquette, often in COO role. Craig has significant experience setting up, running large-scale investment-oriented real estate platforms, real estate funds, and serving on investment  committees. Craig attended Augsburg University where he obtained a B.A.