Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors

Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors seeks to inspire and serve mission-driven individual and institutional investors to contribute to the economic and social vitality of Minnesota. We do this by funding and executing quality new and substantial rehabilitation real estate projects in Opportunity Zones that can achieve the triple bottom line across economic, social and environmental realms.

2018 Social Impact Report Letter

What MN-OZA Seeks to Do

MN-OZA seeks to achieve the illusive “triple bottom line” across economic, social and environmental realms.

We are sensitive to the negative aspects of gentrification and focus first and foremost on minimizing disruption within local communities. Next, we seek to contribute capital to projects that can maximize positive change and create sustainable, enduring, transformational change in the local communities.

How We Work

MN-OZA seeks to drive social impact through our activities and processes. We partner with local communities, community organizations, civic leaders, elected officials and under-represented community members to identify and prioritize investments. Then, we focus on retaining local partners, vendors and tenants who already have and can enhance their community impacts.

We strive to attract and inspire young people, especially people of color, to learn how to become investors, developers, real estate domain experts, community organizers, economic development leaders and the like, so we can train the next generation of community leaders.

Community Partners

Minnesota Opportunity Zone Advisors is anxious to work with strong community partners committed to achieving great outcomes by leveraging Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Funds.

MN-OZA gratefully acknowledge our working partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) through their offices in the Twin Cities and Duluth.